Questions to Ask About a Rental Home

A vacation rental home gives you a base you can use to explore an area or visit local beaches. You might stay there for a weekend or for several months.

Here are some questions to ask a rental agent or owner about a potential rental home before you decide to rent:

1.) What does the price cover? Does it include everything, or will there be extra fees for cleaning, Internet, or anything else? Are toiletries, linens and towels included?
2.) Is the price a set fee, or is it per person?
3.) Do I pay in advance or on arrival? Can I get a refund if necessary?
4.) Can I see a floor plan? This will tell you how the house sleeps the number of people that the ad claims it can accommodate. It will also give you important information on bathrooms and configurations of rooms that may or may not work well for your group.
5.) How private is the home? You may want to make sure your home is the only building right on the property.
6.) Does the home have air conditioning? A phone? A washer and dryer? An Internet connection? If something is important to you, don’t just assume the home will have it.
7.) What is the exact location of the vacation property? Owners might exaggerate its proximity to the town or beach, so consult a map before you lock yourself into the agreement. Other location details may also be helpful. For example, if you have young children, you won’t want to cross a highway to get to that nearby beach.
8.) What is the view like?
9.) How will I get the key?
10.) Is there someone close to the home whom I will be able to contact if something goes wrong-if I lose the keys or have another problem?

Ask these questions to make sure your next vacation rental home is a perfect match for you and your family.


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