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Ahh!  I’m currently in Seoul, S. Korea, at the  Asiana First Class lounge where I finally found some time to write out my thoughts on Copenhagen.  You’ll have to forgive me, dear readers, since I’ve been out all day and night exploring Hong Kong for the past few days.  I’m one of those types where the last thing I’d want to do is to be co0ped up in my hotel room when thrown in an unfamiliar place.


Now where were we?  Oh yes, Copenhagen, the land of bikes!  Copenhagen is one of those cities that pride themselves with their bike lanes, especially when some  of the bike lanes are just as wide as the car lanes.  I’d even say that Danes will probably think you weren’t raised correctly if you don’t know how to bike.  They seriously love their bikes!  So it was a no brainer for me to sign up for Bike Copenhagen with Mike, which is roughly a 3-hour bike tour of Copenhagen run by this bike fanatic, named Mike.  I got to do something the Danes do, which is to go around town by bike, while still learning about the city from Mike.  There were about 10 of us in the tour group and we got to see several sites, including Hans Christian Andersen’s tomb, Nyhavn, and the Queen’s Palace.  A coffee break was requested by these two dutch ladies, and Mike was more than happy enough to oblige.  I kinda needed a coffee break too since the jet lag was starting to get to me.  Now, maybe those two ladies really love their coffee, but it turned out that they were in a rush for the tour to be over since they had to catch their flight back home right after the tour.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t catch it.

Making Friends

One thing I love about traveling is making new friends whether they’re locals or fellow travelers.  I ended up hanging out with these three Londoners from the bike tour and we spent the weekend roaming the city, relaxing with a beer by the river (another typical danish thing to do), and just picking a random cafe to try out.  All I can say is that everything turned out better than expected and let’s just say that I might have a place to crash if ever I find myself in London.


One thing I should warn you about Copenhagen is that everything is expensive!   Three small smørrebrød sandwiches from a cafe in the main shopping street actually set me back by US$30!   I guess it was partly my fault for picking a cafe in a touristy area, but still, smørrebrød is one of those typical danish lunches. And don’t even get my started on the whole credit card thing.  It seems like all their credit card systems require you to enter a PIN, and I’m not confusing this with debit cards!  What I also found to be weird is that their metro ticket machines only accept credit cards and coins.  Notice I didn’t say bills!  So as a tourist, you’d definitely be in trouble if you arrived at one of those remote metro stations only armed with a US based credit card and some danish bills.  Don’t tell the Danes, but I had to keep sneaking into the metro till I finally got some loose change.

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