Is a Cruise Right for You?

A cruise can be a fun vacation for the right person. Talking to a travel agent can help you understand what is involved in the all-inclusive vacations that most cruises provide.  It is very important to know the pros and cons of vacationing on the water.  Let’s take a moment to review some of these facts:


  • 1. You know the cost of the trip ahead of time because everything is included
  • 2. Plenty of activities are included on the cruise liner, so everyone in a group can participate in what he or she wants
  • 3. There are a variety of menu items and both casual and dressy dining experiences to be had
  • 4. You can travel to many different ports without having to change rooms or flights


  • 1. Some people believe there is not enough time to visit each destination on the cruise’s path. Most cruises spend one to two days per port.
  • 2. The room on the cruise liner is typically made to be smaller
  • 3. You are part of a large group, which means there will be lines at destinations and during different activities
  • 4. Motion/Seasickness is possible on a cruise, so it is possible to be ill during the trip.

These are just some of the pros and cons that travel agents at your travel agency will be able to discuss with you. Agent services and your cruise travel agent may be able to find you a suitable cruise that addresses most or all of your concerns.  Get some travel agent services today and plan that dream vacation.




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