Karsten Talks About Flying to Copenhagen

This is Karsten, your traveling bear and travel guide reporting in!  Taking an 11 hour flight across “the pond” is never easy, but flying first class can definitely make the journey a little better.

Today, I want to go over my experience on board Lufthansa’s first class, which is what I took to fly from LA to Germany.   Lufthansa is in the process of rolling out their new first class seats, unfortunately only a handful of planes are fitted with the new seats and I was not lucky enough to be in one of those planes.

Please take that with a grain of salt, because their old first class seats are still pretty good.  I managed to sleep a good 6 hours on that flight, which is a new record for me!  I actually had to check my math a couple of times to be sure I did, in fact, sleep 6 hours.  Moreover, what really drives the first class experience is the service.  On board, the flight attendants were nothing but friendly and yet managed to balance it with respect.  This is in contrast to another airline like Cathay Pacific, where the flight attendants seemed pretty serious and did not care too much for small talk.

The service doesn’t stop once you get off your flight, especially if you’re connecting to another flight in Lufthansa’s home base of Frankfurt.  First class passengers on long-haul flights are invited to use their first class terminal.  Yes, I did say terminal, which is complete with its own ‘check-in’ area, security, and ‘gate’.  I use those terms loosely, because the check-in area is composed of a staff member who takes your boarding pass and passport the moment you walk through the door and handles all the paper work while you enjoy food, cigars, alcohol, etc in the terminal.  You don’t see that staff member again until boarding time when he returns your boarding pass and takes you to your chauffeur.  Mind you, the terminal doesn’t have a gate connected to your plane.  You’ll have to be driven by one of their chauffeurs, via Mercedes or Porsche, straight to your plane.  Considering I’m a Porsche bear, it only makes sense to be driven via Porsche.

There’s a saying that those who hate flying don’t know how to fly and I’ll have to agree with that.  I consider getting to my destination half of the fun!  Now it’s time to enjoy the other half, which is exploring a new city.  Considering I arrived at Copenhagen around midnight, I can’t say much about this city yet, but I’m very excited to explore the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, taste their smørrebrød (don’t worry, I don’t know how to say it either!), and drink some beer!

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