Around the World with Karsten & MyLocally

And so the journey has begun … over the next few weeks, we will be receiving blog posts as Karsten travels the world over the next two weeks.  Karsten is a bit jet lag, so we await his first post, but in the mean time, he has posted these pictures.

Last night Karsten drove to LAX to board a Lufthansa Flight to Frankfurt, Germany!  Here is Karsten driving to LAX on his first international flight!

Karsten Driving to LAX

Karsten flew first class of course and even got a tour of the cock pit!

Karsten Reviewing the Flight Plan

International travel can be tiresome, even if you fly first class.  When Karsten arrived in Frankfurt he was able to bypass the security line, receive personal transportation to the gate and of course a rubber ducky in case he wanted to enjoy bath time!


Rubber Ducky, You're the One!


We anxiously await a report from Karsten from his hotel and are excited to follow him as he travels around the world in two weeks!

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  1. Mary Sue

    Oh my goodness – Karsten is much cuter than that silly gnome. You go Karsten and looking forward to seeing where you have been and your plans in the future. xo ms

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