What is the Difference Between a Hotel and a Motel

Deciding between different hotels when planning a trip can be difficult. Hotels and motels are similar, but there are differences. Understanding the differences can help you make your lodging decisions more easily.

Hotels provide living facilities for short periods of time. Hotel rooms normally consist of a small room with bedding and a wash room. Upscale hotels have larger and nicer rooms. It is best to make hotel reservations because of the uncertainty of room availability over the length of your stay.

Motels began to appear after World War II. They are typically built along highways and interstates so travelers can stop and rest while traveling, while hotels are normally centrally located within a city. Motels are identified by rooms that can be accessed from the parking lot, while hotel rooms must be entered through an indoor corridor.

Hotels also offer more services than motels, such as food service. These additional services mean hotel rates are normally higher than motel rates. However, many hotels may offer discounted hotel rooms depending on different factors like the length of stay and time of year.

If pets are a concern, there are pet friendly hotels and motels. Different hotels and motels have different rules about pets.


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