The Best Winter Vacation Spots

Ah, a winter vacation spot. Whether your vision of a great winter get away is sunny or snowy, what we all enjoy is the refreshing change of pace and the excitement of new adventures.

So, what are the “best winter vacation spots”? Well it depends on who you ask right? Some well agreed upon destinations on the snowy side are:

Vail, CO- Beautiful scenery, two ski resorts, luxury spas and world class gourmet restaurants, and a wealth of cozy condos and cabin rentals to enjoy in between skiing, gazing and eating.

Banff, Canada – For its three ski resorts, winter hiking and cross country skiing.

And you may also consider Geneva, Switzerland with its cheaper flights and many excellent ski resorts nearby; and (drum roll please)…the town of La Parva, Chile: a winter sports hot spot. Think Norway meets Chile; this quaint town is beautiful and inviting, and family oriented as well.

On the sunny side, you will find multiple votes for Mexican destinations like Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta, Hawaii (beach vacation rentals here make so much sense), Puerto Rico, and the islands of the Bahamas such as St. Martin – which in fact boasts two cultures: the French side –great for shopping and dining, and the Dutch side for clubs, both chasing away any remnants of winter blues with their gorgeous white sand beaches.

If you want to stay closer to home and still get some sun, try Disney World in Orlando, or Phoenix with its ever warm weather.

You have many choices when creating your winter vacation, in location, activities, and lodging. So have fun, check out your options, and have a wonderful time.

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