Tips for International Moving or Moving out of the Country

Between scheduling the movers and shifting all of your accounts to another country, an international move can be complicated. Here are a few tips to help you adjust to international living.

Plan Early…
Compared to moving locally, planning an international move requires a lot more time. Give yourself six to 12 months to plan your move. Schedule the movers and packers to come a few weeks before you move so that you can make changes to your shipping plans if necessary.

Experience Talks…
Only consider moving companies with extensive experience moving people to the area of the world where you will be living. This ensures that the company you choose will be familiar with the regulations and paperwork necessary to get everything set up before your arrival. Local moving companies may not know all of the rules and regulations about what you are allowed to take with you.

Health Situation…
Take care of health checkups and immunizations for all of your family members before moving. It may be more difficult to get medical care in a foreign country, and you will feel more comfortable knowing that your family is in good health before you leave.

Lighten the Load…
Get rid of the majority of your things if you can. Only take things with you that you absolutely need or that you cannot get easily in the country where you will be living. For example, it will likely be cheaper to buy or rent furniture and major appliances at your destination than to ship yours overseas. While some moving services provide a storage option, storage unit fees can add up over time. If you don’t plan to return within about a year, it may be wiser to simply sell your things or give them away.

Contact a moving company for more information on international moving or local moving.

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