How to Wrap and Secure Breakable Items

Before the movers come, you’ll probably want to have your house all packed. Some moving companies supply movers and packers who will carefully prepare your belongings for shipment, but not all do. You’ll find that moving is more pleasant and relaxed if you feel confident that your breakable items are safe and secure throughout the move. Even for local moving, it is important that glass and porcelain is wrapped carefully, because these materials can break even when transported short distances.

When packing your glassware and dishes, make sure to wrap each piece separately. If you have breakable figurines, consider wrapping them securely and placing them in small boxes and then placing the small boxes in a larger box. Use a combination of packing materials, such as bubble wrap, polystyrene foam, newspaper, and packing peanuts. You want to make sure that breakable items have little or no room to move within their containers. If they cannot move, they cannot break.

Some moving services will provide you with packing materials before your move. Make sure that you tell your movers which boxes contained breakable items so that they know to be careful. It can be helpful to mark boxes clearly with the word “fragile.” Be sure to use a dark-colored marker and write in big letters.

If you are ready to get your breakable possessions transported safely to your new home or want more information on local moving, contact your moving company today.

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