When to Splurge on Limo Service Extras

A limousine without extras is often a big splurge, but sometimes it’s worthwhile to pay for the extras as well. In some cases, the extras aren’t as costly as you might think, or the splurge may make a special occasion even more special. Below are three times when it might be a good idea to add a few extras to your limo rental.

When a Company Offers Discounted or Free Extras

When you call to get quotes from limo rental services, you should be aware that each limousine company has a different policy for what will be included. Some services will include drinks, while others will charge for even nonalcoholic beverages. Ask each company about what extras they include with their limousines, then you can make an educated decision if adding extras is really a splurge.

When You Are Traveling with a Large Group

Parties of six or fewer don’t merit a limousine upgrade. However, if you’re traveling with a crowd, it may be a good idea to splurge for a stretch limo or Hummer limo. These limos can often fit a few extra passengers, so the overall cost per person may be lower. Also, if you rent on a weekday, you may be able to ask for a discounted rate.

When It’s Your Wedding

If you want to hire a limo company for your wedding, splurging for a wedding package with your car service is often money well spent. Limo services will decorate the car for you so it will complement the festivities. The limo service should also employ a driver who will know the area well and be able to tell you when you need to leave to make a flight for your honeymoon. Plus, many wedding limousine rentals include a bottle of champagne, giving you a chance to privately celebrate in your limousine during your happy day.


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