The Worst Website Designs

Excellent website designs can increase the impact of your personal or professional online presence, resulting in higher pageviews and additional exposure. The worst website designs fail to take a few key factors into account, and novice designers often make mistakes that skilled Web designers know to avoid.

  • 1) Avoid fonts and colors that do not appeal to the eye or fail to provide contrast between the written text of the page and the page’s background. Solid graphic design choices are key; your visitors will not remain on the site for long if they struggle to read the provided information.
  • 2) The worst examples of Web design fail to place important information at the top of the page. The area visible upon loading a website is known as the part “above the fold” and should contain important company information, sales items or personal profile data. Many efficient Web design software packages will indicate the above the fold area through highlights visible on page preview screens.
  • 3) Website design should provide clear navigation to every piece of information contained on the site. Poorly crafted websites often do not provide a link back to the homepage on every linked page, and a professional website designer should always include a sitemap or other easy-to-reference location tool.
  • 4) Hire a professional to write the content for your site if you do not have a skilled writer on staff. Specialists in webpage design may be able to recommend a professional copy writing service to complement their design, but the worst designs often incorporate unclear text with poor formatting and other design choices that leave a viewer baffled and confused.

Avoid having sub-par web content and get the kind of help in website design that will give your visitors the finest experience available.

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