Pay-Per-Call Advertising

Have you heard of pay per call advertising but not sure exactly what that means? Well here is an explanation! Pay per call advertising is similar to pay per click advertising, however it involves a call tracking number and is much more effective.

All types of businesses can benefit from using PPC marketing because it allows consumers to search for information online and then be directly connected to an individual who can answer their questions before making that final commitment. The advertising agency will promote your company with unique phone numbers that will allow them to track the calls coming in from customers. This will allow you to see directly which marketing techniques are working effectively and which ones may or may not be.

The pay per call system allows the call to be tracked, recorded and forwarded so that you are able to see where your customer is calling from, the date and time, as well as the number used. Pay per call is not specific to online advertising but can also be done on direct mail advertisers, phone books, magazine ads and more. 

A few reasons why pay per call is beneficial are: 

  • 1. Information is readily and quickly accessible
  • 2. Companies do not need to have a website, just a phone number
  • 3. Companies only have to pay for results 
  • 4. Generally there are no sign-up fees
  • 5. You can speak to your customers immediately 

You should definitely consider pay per call advertising for you company!

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