Making Your Website SEO-Friendly

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a big part of Internet marketing and creating an SEO-friendly website should be one of your top goals if you want to get plenty of hits. Here are a few tips to help you get your website ranked highly by search engines.

Build domain authority by creating a relevant blog that you keep up to date. Creating good content is one of the best SEO-friendly forms of website marketing. Choose good titles for your blog posts, and link to your posts from other areas of your site. Encourage others to share your posts by making it easy with buttons that allow site visitors to email or post a link instantly.

Use microdata to let search engines know what is on your site. Microdata includes all of the traditional HTML tags, such as keywords and titles, but also includes lesser-known HTML code that specifies things like whether your site includes reviews, embedded videos, and pictures. Microdata also makes your search engine listing stand out from those with only a title and description. You can create your own tags or use an Internet marketing firm that alters your code for you.

Getting inbound links is like getting free advertising, so encourage links from other sites. Guest post whenever you can and include a link back to your site or to a specific post. Try to get put on lists or into directories so that people searching for your type of information will be sent to your site.

Internet marketing services can help you come up with a strategy for getting yourself onto a wide variety of lists. You can also use directed Internet advertising on social media sites to send people with specific interests directly to your site.

By following these tips, you can make SEO an important and lucrative part of your overall Internet marketing strategy.


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