Using Social Media to Boost Online Sales

Social media has taken over the e-commerce marketing landscape. With so many possibilities offered by the medium, the idea of marketing your business on a social media site can be daunting. Fortunately, this type of marketing is easy, as long as you keep a few rules in mind along the way.

1.) Let everyone know you are active.
Social media does not work if no one knows you are online. You can have the best e-commerce business on the Internet yet have the deadest social media page if no one knows you are active. Remedy this by sending out links to your page via email. Place the information on your outgoing electronic commerce materials and advertising as well. A simple “Join us on (insert hyperlinked social media site here)” goes a long way to gather your new and old customers to the new page.

2.) Talk about your products.
Social media portals use different ways to highlight and link keywords that describe your products or services. Whether that’s the hashtag (#) or the at symbol (@), these symbols make it easy for others to find your business when having similar discussions. This can lead to sales or important information to improve your business. Social media is also a great focus group.

3.) Check your keywords for the trendiest versions.
To help, make sure that your e-commerce website uses best keywords in search-engine optimization (SEO). Think of these words as comprising the lifeline to your customers and potential new online shopping enthusiasts.

4.) Use the crowd.
Social media is more than electronic data passed between computers. The sites are composed of thousands of miniature communities you can use to boost sales. Engage these communities to get them interested in the business. Allow them to provide input on sales or promotions, for example.

There are many ways to use social media to your advantage when marketing your e-commerce business online. With the right tools, your social media site should be building sales and customers in no time.

For more information about boosting your online sales, contact an eCommerce specialist in your area to help you utilize social media.

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