Improve Your Online Business with Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to analyze the traffic on your website, which is especially helpful for a website that deals with electronic commerce. The following steps will show you how to improve your eCommerce business.

1.) Add the code. According to Google Analytics, you need to create an account and copy the code to each page on your eCommerce website for which you wish to run Google Analytics.

2.) Set up the dashboard. You can configure your Google Analytics dashboard to display a variety of reports for your online business, according to Mashable. Click on each report that you wish to see for your online shopping business, which is located in the left column of the dashboard.

3.) Adjust the time range. The reports cover a time range specified in the upper right corner, which you can change. This range defaults to the previous month, according to Sprout Social, a company that makes social networking software.

4.) Examine the data. The webmaster of an electronic data interchange is typically interested in metrics such as conversion rates and pageviews.

5.) Share the eCommerce reports. Search engine optimization frequently requires you to send SEO reports in the form of recurring email, which is available with Google Analytics.

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