The Origins of Yoga

The ancient discipline of yoga traces its origins to India, and is an integral part of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jainist spiritual practices. Yoga poses are some of the most recognizable external aspects of the practice. However, on a deeper level, participants in hot yoga, bikram yoga, and other versions of the discipline are not only exercising their bodies, they are also increasing their mental, emotional, and spiritual strength.

A qualified yoga trainer will not only teach you the poses important to beginners’ yoga; he or she will also teach you how to focus on your practice so that you obtain the maximum spiritual benefits from your time in the yoga studio. Not all yoga classes are the same. In addition to teaching yoga poses, a yoga guru will teach relaxation, breathing, diet, and meditation.

Fundamental to the practice of yoga is the concept of self-realization. Though you will undoubtedly experience firmer muscles, increased flexibility, and in general a more appealing physical shape, that is not the only reason to do yoga. What differentiates yoga from other sports is its ability to help you become more focused, more calm under pressure, healthier, and happier. Seek out a yoga teacher who understands your goals and can help you reach them.

Enjoy the benefits that yoga classes can bring you.  Find a place that offers yoga classes near you today.

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