The Benefits of Hot Yoga

Yoga offers many health benefits no matter what style you choose, but practitioners of hot yoga may offer extra advantages over other styles. Hot yoga, including styles such as Bikram yoga, takes place in a room heated to 37 degrees Celsius or higher in order to keep the environment warmer than your body temperature.

One benefit of hot yoga may be that it lets you get into yoga poses more easily. This occurs because the heat relaxes your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, so you become more flexible. Because this can make injuries more likely, it is important to do hot yoga only under the watchful eye of a qualified yoga trainer.

High heat also raises your heart rate, so you get more of a workout doing hot yoga than doing traditional yoga. Like all forms of yoga, hot yoga also increases your flexibility, strength, and muscle tone over the long term.

Some practitioners claim that hot yoga detoxifies the body, but in reality, toxins leave the body via the liver and intestinal tract, not through sweat. However, the yoga poses you get into may help massage and stimulate the liver and intestines to detoxify more effectively.

Exercising in a heated room, as you do during hot yoga, can help stimulate the immune system and combat inflammation. Hot temperatures also may destroy microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, so it may help fight off infections.  Enjoy the many health advantages that yoga classes will bring you by contacting a local yoga center near you.

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