The Significance of the Martial Arts Belts

The color of each belt in martial arts symbolizes the advancement in rank and the recognition of practical skill, technical knowledge and personal growth both inside and outside of the training hall. This system was developed by Dr. Jigoro Kano and has been adopted by many other martial arts divisions such as karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Tai Kwando over the years.

It is widely accepted that the black belt is the most esteemed rank and usually held by a martial arts instructor; and the white belt is worn by a student new to martial arts training. While belt colors may vary from discipline to discipline, each color holds essentially the same meaning within each martial arts school and the following list helps to explain the level each color connotes.

  • White – purity, innocence and knowledge sought
  • Yellow¬†- the dawning rays of the sun or sunlight
  • Orange – the growing power of the sunrise
  • Green – developing seeds of growing pine trees
  • Blue – a growing plant or tree reaching toward the sky
  • Purple¬†- the changing colors of dawn or the mountains toward which the tree reaches
  • Brown – maturity, ripening talent and harvest time
  • Red – the setting sun, danger and the need for caution
  • Black – the darkness beyond the sun and profound learning

These belts provide a sense of achievement for students practicing martial arts, who take great pride in achieving and displaying them. They also convey the journey of each student and the individual development process that occurs in any martial arts academy.

If you are interested in developing your strength, health, and discipline, martial arts classes may be exactly what you need.


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