Different Types of Martial Arts

Martial arts are disciplines that can teach you self-defense and combat skills. You should be able to find a martial arts school in your area, because a serious interest in martial arts has led to a wide variety of martial arts classes around the country. If you’re interested in trying a class, here are some types of martial arts instruction you can choose from:

  1. Karate is the Japanese art of defense without weapons. If you study karate, you will learn to use all parts of your body to defend yourself.
  2. Tai kwon do is a Korean martial art that focuses on fast, powerful kicking techniques. If you study tae kwon do, you will focus on your kicks, including very high kicks and flying kicks.
  3. Traditional jujitsu is a Japanese art that usually focuses on self-defense and is a good choice for people who are small or relatively weak. If you study jujitsu, you will learn to use leverage to control opponents who are bigger and stronger than you. You will probably focus on using your body, but you may also learn to use jujitsu weapons.
  4. Brazilian jujitsu evolved from traditional jujitsu. If you study Brazilian jujitsu, you will focus on grappling, throwing your opponents to the ground, and attempting to control them there.

There are many other forms of martial arts and a lot of types of martial arts training. Check out your local martial arts academy to find instruction in the discipline that interests you. All of these martial arts can help you improve your fitness and develop mental discipline.

If you want to improve your fitness, discipline, or want to learn self-defense, your best course of action is to participate in martial arts training.  Find a martial arts academy near you today.

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