Five Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

While you know fitness is extremely important, finding the time to do a full blown workout is difficult. There’s no need to spend money on a personal trainer if you don’t have the time to visit one. Here are five quick workouts that you can do whenever you can fit them in to your schedule without the need to visit a gym! These workouts can be done without any equipment and even at your desk at work!

Waistline – Work on your waistline by sitting down, raising your hands over your head (holding something of weight if you have it) and lean gently to one side as far as you can go, then lift back up and repeat on the other side. Do this a few times throughout the day and as often as you can.

Abs – To work your abs while sitting down, put your feet flat down on the floor and sit all the back against the chair. Bring your right knee up 3-4 inches while inhaling and hold the position for two seconds then lower it back to the floor. Do these periodically alternating legs.

Butt – Tighten your butt muscles by doing butt squeezes, which can be done while on the phone, typing up a report or just sitting at your desk. All you have to do is squeeze and release your buttocks a few times.

Legs – Leg lifts and holds will help work out your leg muscles. While sitting, strengthen your legs and hold them up for a few seconds at a time. Then release and put them down. Repeat this process a few times. To increase this workout, bring in ankle weights and use them as a form of resistance.

An excellent way to work out your muscles while at the office is to replace your chair with a stability ball! This will increase your posture, while also strengthening your core muscles.

Be your own fitness trainer by finding time to fit five quick workouts in to your week whenever you can.



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