Choosing the Most Flattering Swimwear for Your Body Type

If you’re going for a swim at the local pool or the ocean, you’ll want to look your best in your swimsuit. Swimwear is designed to suit different body types, and there are certain styles, like men’s swimwear, maternity swimwear, and plus-size swimwear, that are perfect for different body shapes.

Triangle-Shaped Body
If you have a triangle body shape, you’ll likely need support for your chest. This can be done by purchasing separates. This way, you can be sure to find a supportive top. For those with a smaller bust and a shorter frame, mixing a high-waisted vintage-style bottom with a bikini top can provide elongation and will draw attention to the bust.

Pear-Shaped Body
If you have a pear-shaped body, you may want to wear a cutaway style. This style draws attention to the waist and helps cover the hips and chest, showing off your curvy figure. Vintage swimwear and a plus-sized bathing suit can sometimes go hand in hand. The high waist of the bottoms can help hide your tummy. A swim dress is also a great type of swimwear to have for a plus-sized figure. It gives you a way to hide your hips and to provide coverage and stability for the rest of your midsection and top.

Feel and look great in swimwear designed for your individual body type when you visit one of these designer swimwear stores in your area.

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