Five Questions to Ask Property Managers before Renting an Apartment

Sifting through the many apartments for rent can be a daunting task, whether you are looking for a studio apartment or a luxury apartment. Once you pare down your many choices to a few apartment rental options, here are five questions you should ask the property manager.

1.) What is the total move-in price? Find out if it includes rent and any deposits that are needed.

2.) What is the exact square footage? It doesn’t matter if you are looking at one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments or three bedroom apartments, finding the total square footage matters. The size of your apartment will determine whether or not you have enough room for all of your belongings.

3.) What appliances are included and do they work? If the dishwasher is broken, it is good to know immediately so it can be fixed before you move in.

4.) How old is the wiring? Older wiring could mean problems down the line, so find out when the wiring was last fixed or upgraded.

5.) What pieces of furniture are included and how old are they? This is an important question if you are looking for a furnished place.

A apartment rental ad doesn’t always tell the whole story, so make sure to ask your localĀ  apartment property managers these questions once you begin viewing apartments.

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