Ticks and Your Pet

Yikes, what is that bump on my pet?  It is a tick – how do you get it off of my dog or cat?

If your pet roams outside in the woods or grassy fields, you should always be sure to check for ticks before bringing them back in the house.

When checking for a tick, you should wear a latex glove to avoid touching the tick directly and have tweezers ready for the removal process.

Once you are prepared, follow these steps:

  • Rub your hands all over your pets coat so that you will notice any bumps.  If you feel a bump, push the hair around it away from it so you can see it completely.
  • Now that you can see the tick, place the tweezers on the tick as close to your pets skin as possible (be careful not to pinch your pet).
  • Once you have the tick in the tweezers, pull it out in a slow, steady motion. Be careful because you could rip the body from the head leaving the head inside of your pet’s skin.
  • Do not put the tick back outside, either flush it down the toilet or put it into a flame.
  • To avoid infection, put some antiseptic lotion on your pet where the tick attached itself.

If a rash shows up on your pet after a few days after the removal, you may need to bring your pet to an emergency vet to make sure he or she does not have Lyme disease.

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