Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Should I have my pet neutered or spayed? Should I declaw my cat? These are the three most sought after surgeries by pet owners. Here are some facts about them.

Unless you are planning to breed your pets, it is a wise idea to have your pet neutered or spayed after he or she has reached eight weeks after their birth.

Reasons to have your pet spayed or neutered:

  • Enhances their overall behavior because their attention is focused on you
  • Improves their quality of life and elongates their life
  • Reduces the likelihood of your pet developing cancer or uterine infections
  • Diminishes the female heat cycle which causes your female pet to cry out and urinate more often during breeding season
  • Increases the likelihood your pet will not stray
  • Removes your pet’s need to mark his or her territory
  • Saves you from having to birth babies to your pet (which is very costly)
  • Allows you to have multiple pets because they will get along better if spayed or neutered

If you have a cat, you may also consider declawing it. This practice used to be extremely painful for cats but as procedures are being updated with newer and more effective technology, it is becoming quite close to painless. There are certain situations where declawing your cat would be considered a good idea and other situations where it is a horrible idea! If your cat may go outside, you should allow him or her to keep her claws as a means of defense. However, if your cat is scratching all of your furniture and there is no chance of him or her getting outside, declawing is an option for you.

Should you have further questions about neutering, spaying or declawing your pet, contact your trustworthy veterinarian. S/he will be able to answer all of your concerns.

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