Hiring a Qualified Pet Sitter While You are Away

Pet owners who travel are often torn about how to guarantee that their pets receive proper care. Should you take them along or leave them with a friend? Thankfully, professional pet sitters can offer flexibility for your situation, giving you peace of mind. The following tips will help you find pet sitting services:

1.) Discover what your pet needs. Animal sitting can cover a wide variety of services, from making sure medications are administered on time to ensuring proper exercise and socialization with other animals. Once you know which services are needed, you will be able to find a pet sitter that can fill the requirements.

2.) Work with a pet sitter that is able to handle the needs of your particular situation. How long you will be gone and how often you need to be in communication with your pet sitter will affect your choice, as well as whether you prefer in-home pet sitting services or services in a building designed to house pets. If you need a call each night with an update on your pet, make sure to find a pet sitter who can deliver.

3.) Look at national registries of qualified pet sitters. Professional pet sitting associations often list qualified sitters on their websites, as well as the services they provide. Select a pet sitter that comes highly recommended, and look for reviews that tell you the details of other pet owner’s experiences. Organizations that certify pet sitters can instruct sitters on pet walking services and transportation issues, as well as proper procedures during a medical emergency. Working with an association can help you know that your pet sitter is knowledgeable and trained.

4.) Ask about pricing and fees up front and have a price range in mind that suits you. If you hire locally, you can often find a sitter who will work with your financial situation to provide care while not hurting your pocketbook. Nevertheless, know that services sometimes add up and have some emergency cash on hand in case your pet needs to go to a veterinarian hospital while you are away.

5.) Ensure that your pet’s routine stays as normal as possible. Pets need routine in order to be happy and healthy. If your job or lifestyle requires a lot of travel, find a pet sitter that is reliable and available. Having the same pet walking service each time, the same attention to detail, and the same friendly voice that knows your pet’s needs will keep you and your pet content.

To meet with a potential sitter for your pet while you are away, contact one of these qualified pet sitting service providers.

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