How to Give a Dog a Bath

Although professional pet grooming is more thorough than giving your dog a bath at home, you might need to skip the groomer because of time constraints or an unexpected mess. To make the bathing process easier for both you and your dog, follow these steps:

1.) Brush your dog’s coat with a slicker brush to remove any tangles. If the fur is matted, remove the knots carefully with a pair of scissors or clippers. Water can worsen matting, so it’s important to remove clumped fur before the bath.
2.) Fill the bathtub with warm water to a depth that reaches your dog’s upper legs, and attach a spray nozzle to the faucet or set a large cup beside the tub.
3.) Wet your dog’s coat using the sprayer or cup, using caution not to spray or pour water in the dog’s eyes or ears. For further protection, you can place cotton balls in the ears and a couple of drops of mineral oil in the eyes.
4.) Lather the coat with a shampoo approved for use on dogs. These shampoos are available at pet stores and some pet grooming services. Because they can irritate a dog’s skin or cause an allergic reaction, shampoos for humans should not be used.
5.) Rinse the shampoo away with clean, warm water from the tap. Following the bath, dry the dog’s coat as thoroughly as possible with a towel, and then comb the hair. A spray-in conditioner can be applied if desired.

If you have problems grooming your dog at home but cannot regularly visit a salon for pet washing, you also have the option of hiring mobile grooming services.

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