Dog Grooming Services

Clink Clink, Clink Clink…is that the sound you hear when your dog walks on your tile or hardwood floor? Does brushing out your dog’s hair take longer than you like, or do you wish it was shorter? In either case, pet groomers are the professionals for the job.

Trying to care for your pets beauty and health needs on your own can be a stressful and time-consuming task. Pet groomers have the experience and skills necessary to provide grooming services for all types of pets including cats and dogs. They know how to calm your pet and get the job done in a timely, efficient manner.

Here are some of your options from pet grooming services:

  • Pet washing and blow dry to keep your pet’s fur clean and sanitized
  • Hair trimming of face, ears, feet and body to keep all areas clear of hair
  • Ear plucking and cleaning to ensure the quality of your pet’s hearing health
  • Nail trimming to reduce the length of your pet’s nails
  • Brushing  and styling to transform the appearance of your pet’s fur
  • Teeth cleaning to ensure quality dental health
  • Facial tear stain removal to keep the fur around your pet’s eyes the color it should be
  • Flea bathing to remove and prevent the fleas on your pet
  • Shedding assistance to remove pet’s fur in a faster manner
  • Odor eliminator to assist in removing the smell of skunk spray
  • Pet pedicures that smooth nails, moisturize cracked paws and heal calluses, as well as strengthen brittle nails and can even be finished with a nail polish
  • Moisturizer procedure to heal dry and flaky skin

The reasons for taking your pet to the groomers are extensive. Regular grooming ensures that your pet’s health is always being checked on and maintained. You should consider having your pet groomed every 8-10 weeks to ensure your pet’s health.

To schedule your dog’s next grooming appointment, call or visit one of these pet groomers.

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