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Donna Jones - Esthetician

I have been working in the skin care business as an esthetician for over 8 years in Southern California. Since my beginning in the industry there have been so many changes and advances in the skin care industry it’s truly mind blowing to say the least.

The typical client’s chief concern and what bothers them the most with their skin is the unavoidable aging process.

As we age we begin to lose moisture in our skin, it seems like everything starts to slow down and dry up right? So we run to the drug store, department store, home shopping networks and buy everything that promises us to take away wrinkles and give us the youthful glow of a twenty something person.  The commercials, ads and infomercials tout the value of the ingredients in their products.  What these companies are not telling us is that the amount of active ingredients they put in their miracle lotions and potions is not enough to make any changes in your skin.

The FDA is very clear on these regulations as to how much say “Retinol” they can use in the product, because they are not allowed to use enough to penetrate down to live tissue and that is why you are left spending a fortune and not getting that miracle youthful look they promised.

Choosing a product that will give you what you are looking for is not easy, but with that I will tell you investing in your skin with professional products and a knowledgeable esthetician are a must.  Licensed estheticians understand and provide professional, quality skin care products to their clients that actually reaches live tissues where the repairs and benefits take place.

About the Author

Donna Jones is a licensed esthetician, graduating from Esthetiques Cosmetology Institute and The International Dermal Institute.  She has been serving and educating clients in the Southern California for over 8 years and currently provides quality skin care, waxing and teeth whitening services at Donna Jones Skin Care.  She utilizes Image Skin Care Products and offers corrective peels, refinishing treatments and more.

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