Adult Acne

Acne is typically thought of as a problem for teenagers, but did you know that according to industry experts, adult acne affects 25% of all adult men and 50% of adult women at some time in their adult lives. But what causes adult acne and what can you do to?

Causes of Adult Acne

While the cause of adult acne isn’t known for sure, many attribute adult acne to hormones (overproduction of androgens in men and estrogen in women), the use of cosmetics, stress and an increase of resistant bacteria.

Treatment of Adult Acne

Treating adult acne can be tricky because most products are either geared to a teenager’s oily skin or toward dry aging skin. Some tips for treating adult acne are:

Cleansing your skin: Select gentle cleansers such as Cetaphil and Aquanil and clean your face often. Wash your skin twice a day with warm (not hot water) using your hands or a soft wash cloth.

Creams and Lotions: Use a product that contains retinol to clean pores and help reduce find lines. For spot treating, use a product with benzoyl peroxide which helps kill bacteria that leads to acne outbreaks.

Professional Solutions: If over the counter products don’t solve the problem with adult, consulting a skin care professional to discuss other solutions such as laser and intense pulsed light treatments for scaring and blue light therapy treatments to kill acne causing bacteria.

Adult acne is more common than you think, but with a good cleaning and prevention regime it can be controlled.

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