What to Expect from a Hot Stone Massage

If you get a hot stone massage, you should expect a deeply relaxing experience that will help soothe tight muscles. Hot stone massage can be a difficult technique to master, so before booking a massage, be sure to ask how long the therapist has been practicing.

Before you enter the room, the massage therapist will warm the stones in hot water. Each stone will be made of smooth basalt, which is a black volcanic rock that retains heat well.

Once you enter the room, the therapist will ask you to lie on your stomach. Most therapists will start with Swedish massage techniques to gently work the muscles a bit before the stones are applied. Then the therapist will put a stone in each hand and use the stone to relax sore muscles. Some hot stone massage services will also place warm stones on your spine or the palms of your hands to promote energy flow to these regions.

The therapist might then ask you to lie on your back, so the front part of your body can be massaged. Hot stones may be placed on your stomach or on your toes while you are in this position.

Hot stone massage therapy should be relaxing, so it’s important for you to tell your therapist if the stones are too hot or if the pressure seems too intense. If you don’t like how the stones feel, you can also request steamed towels or lava shells to add heat to the massage.

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