Five Ways to Wear Long Hair

A hair salon can help you with a number of different hairstyles that you may want to try. These companies, which may include a nail salon combination and other types of beauty salons, are well-educated in how to make your long hair look elegant.

A beauty salon may suggest putting in hair extensions or highlights to make your long hair appear voluminous and to give it dimension. A beauty supply carries extensions in multiple colors, so you can choose the one that looks best with your hair. Wedding hair and updo hairstyles can be done by a cosmetologist. These styles have many variations, from half-updos to full updo styles. These hairstyles are elegant and aim to give the wearer a beautiful look that is perfect for her special day.

Long hair can be worn curly, straight, or wavy. Some people like to wear braids or to add layers for dimension. Highlights and lowlights can give texture and volume to the hair, while teasing and layers can provide a fuller appearance to your hair.

The five main ways to wear long hair include:

  • In an updo (curly, straight, or otherwise)
  • In a partial updo (curly, straight, or otherwise)
  • Down and straight
  • Down and curly
  • Down and wavy

If you want your hair to look a certain way, click here and you will be able to find the beauty salons that can provide you with a unique style.



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