How to Choose a Hair Dresser

Choosing a hair dresser can be an intimidating task. It can be difficult to trust someone new with your personal style and appearance, but there are ways to make the transition to a new hair salon as easy as possible.

  1. Always, always go for a consultation. This is the most important rule when looking for a new hair stylist. A consultation can help you make sure that you and the hair dresser are on the same page concerning your best look. If during your meeting at the beauty salon, the hair stylist is convinced you should go for a super short look but you want to preserve you long locks, it’s not likely to work out.
  2. Ask around. In any given city, there are numerous hair salons, and it can be difficult to narrow the choices down. Look around and try to find people with great hair cuts and ask them who does their hair. Most people will be flattered and more than willing to let you know which beauty salons are the best.
  3. Do a trial run. After you find a stylist who seems like a good fit, ask for a trim. Explain to the stylist that you just want an inch or so cut off. This is a good way to see how well the person listens to your requests without taking a risk on a more dramatic cut. If the stylist does well with this, you can have confidence that when you want to try something new, he or she will work hard to give you what you want.

Do not be afraid to try a few different stylists before settling on a hair salon. Each stylist has his or her own way of doing things, and it can take some time to find your perfect match.

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