Classic Barbershop Grooming Products

Barbers rely on more than their skills to give you the perfect haircut or professional shave. Throughout the years, they have also depended on a range of grooming products. If you want to improve your personal grooming routine, try adding some of these products and supplies to your collection.

First, you need a good shaving cream. Thinking back to your last trip to the barbershop, ask yourself if you saw an everyday spray can of shaving cream. You probably did not, as barbers tend to scoop their cream from a tub or hot shaving cream dispenser. These products are available from wholesale suppliers; however, if you want to skip the dispenser, an old-school heated towel will be equally soothing.

A professional shave also includes the proper application of shaving cream, which is done with a brush made of badger hair. For a truly classic shave, you will want to remove the cream and hair with a straight razor. Following that, a splash of cold water tightens your pores and prepares you for the finishing touch: aftershave.

Classic barbershop haircuts require a few products too, such as talc for soothing the skin along shaved edges and tonic for styling the hair afterward. For the cut itself, most barbers use a combination of electric clippers, hair scissors, and a razor.

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