Why You Should Go to a Barber Shop

While many men overlook barbers and go straight for a stylist, you may be missing out if you’ve never visited a barber shop.

Below are five reasons you should go to a barber shop.

  • 1) Barbers only cut men’s hair. In most cases, if you go to a stylist, he or she will cut both men’s and women’s hair. Barbers are trained to only give men haircuts, so they’ll probably have more experience doing it.
  • 2) Barbers are trained to use clippers, not scissors, to cut your hair. Many men prefer clippers, and clippers can give your haircut a more traditional appearance.
  • 3) Barber shops are great places to talk with other men. The tradition of talking about politics, sporting events, and local happenings while getting your hair cut dates back to the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.
  • 4) You can get a professional shave. Having a shave at a barber shop is a great way to give your face a bit of extra care. Plus, a single-blade razor shave is one of the closest shaves you can get.
  • 5) Visiting a barber shop can be a great father and son outing. Taking your son for a haircut at a barber shop every month or so can be a great way to encourage bonding between generations of men.

If you’re interested in visiting a barber shop, you may want to call ahead. Although most barbers only offer walk-in service, a few barber shops do accept appointments. ┬áSo take the opportunity to get a nice haircut and even possibly a close-shave.



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