Barbershop Services Vs. Salon Services

When you are in need of a haircut, choosing between a barbershop and salon can be confusing. The two offer similar services, but barber shops tend to cater more toward male clientele, while a salon offers unisex services or caters primarily to women.

1) Barber shop services for men

One major difference between the services of a barber shop and a salon is that most barbers also are able to give a professional shave in addition to a haircut. The barber uses a single blade razor to shave you in a traditional manner, offering a touch of nostalgia in addition to an extremely close shave.

2) Salon services for women

On the other hand, salons tend to perform services more associated with hair care for women. While some barber shops offer hair coloring, salons typically specialize in coloring and perming hair as well as cutting it. A salon may also offer related services, such as manicures, pedicures, facials, and hair removal.

3) Differing methods of cutting hair

In addition to differences in the types of service offered, barbers and cosmetologists may have different methods of cutting hair. Cosmetologists tend to give haircuts using scissors, which is the most appropriate method for long hair or complex styles. Barbers are better at cutting hair with clippers, which often works better on men’s hair.

Now that you understand the difference between what the barbers at a barbershop and cosmetologists at a beauty salon do, you can make an informed decision about which option is right for you.

To schedule your next men’s hair cut or shaving appointment, call or visit a barber shop in your area.

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