What are Electronic Notarizations?

If you need a notary, why not look online? Like most everything else these days, you can now have documents notarized though a variety of mobile options. Electronic notarizations refer to the practice of having documents notarized over the Internet using a computer, tablet, smartphone or other mobile devices.

Notaries that perform electronic notary services are called eNotaries. Using an eNotary can be a convenient option if you need to utilize a document signing service but do not have the time to physically take your documents to a notary company. You may not have transportation available to travel to a notary company’s office, or you might be living in an area where getting to a notary will take too long.

Another situation wherein using a mobile notary can be convenient is when you need to notarize documents that you obtained online, and you don’t have a way to print them out. This may happen if you are doing work from your smartphone and need to have your documents notarized quickly but are in a public location where there is no printer.

Even if you prefer to visit a notary in-person to have your documents notarized, electronic notarizations can be a great alternative when you are in a pinch.

Find more information on electronic or in-person notarizations by getting in touch with one of these notary service providers in the area.

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