Eco-friendly Window Treatments

What are eco-friendly window treatments? Eco-friendly window treatments can be any curtains, blinds, shutters, drapes or draperies that are environmentally friendly in one or more of the following ways: energy-efficient, sustainably manufactured or made of recyclable or nontoxic, natural materials.

When you think of eco-friendly window treatments, energy-efficient window coverings is what first comes to mind. The two main types of energy-conserving window treatments keep heat out during the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter.

Eco-friendly window treatments that can keep summer heat out include curtains with light-colored backing to reflect the sun’s rays back outside or blinds and shutters that block sunlight. Wintertime window treatments to insulate against the cold include curtains with heavily insulated fabric and honeycomb or cellular shades. These window shades are insulated internally with air to reduce heat loss.

Some companies make eco-friendly window treatments that promote the use of natural daylight. These eco-friendly window treatments scatter and spread natural light throughout a room thereby reducing the need for electrical lighting.

Many window treatments contain added chemicals to reduce wrinkles or to make the fabric fire resistant. Over time, these chemicals are released into the air so non-toxic natural materials are a better alternative for your health and for the environment. Another way to help protect the environment is the use of recycled materials in window treatments.

Eco-friendly window treatments not only benefit the environment but also are better for your health and your pocketbook. You can find some of these quality window shades at Blinds Chalet, Sierra Club Green Home and Hunter Douglas, to name a few.


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