Creative Window Treatment Ideas

Adding new window treatments to your home is a great way to express your creativity or add a punch of color to the space. Rather than using standard shutters, blinds, or drapes, try one of the unique options below.

Try Window Film

Window film allows you to obstruct the view through a window without completely blocking the natural light. You can buy window film in different patterns, or you can make your own window film with clear contact paper and paint markers.

Use Expansion Rods

If you’re renting your apartment, your landlord may be reluctant to let you hang extra rods for both drapes and sheer curtains. In this case, all you need are some hardware-free expansion rods. While you may not be able to hang heavy draperies from these rods, expansion rods can often accommodate lightweight sheers.

Repurpose Shower Curtains

Cloth shower curtains are available in a wide variety of patterns and styles. They are also appropriately sized for many standard windows, and shower curtains can be less expensive than traditional drapes. However, before purchasing, check the tops of the shower curtains, to make sure they will fit the existing curtain rods.

Make Fabric Roller Blinds

If you like the minimalist appearance of vinyl roller blinds, consider using these inexpensive blinds as the base for your own window treatments. You can replace the vinyl with fabric of your choice, and then you can rehang your improved blinds using the same hardware.



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