Common Swimming Pool Designs

Planning a swimming pool can be an exciting time. It is important to familiarize yourself with the most common designs for pools. There are actually many different  designs that will help you make the most of your pool while also ensuring its visual appeal.

When working with pool contractors, make sure you consider the shape and size of your property when deciding on a pool design. In addition, consider the intended function of your pool. Pool construction designs can vary based on property shape and size as well as budget.

The most common shape for an in-ground pool installation is the geometric design. This design is utilitarian rather than showy and uses straight, clean lines. By far, the rectangle is the most popular design, but circles and squares are also becoming popular. Even classic pool designs can be enhanced through the use of colored mosaic tiles, LED lighting along the perimeter, and other design details.

Freeform swimming pools are also popular with homeowners who wish to imitate the look of bodies of water that are completely naturally occurring, such as lagoons. Themed pools are also becoming increasingly popular, including pools that are designed to resemble tropical gardens.

For more information about swimming pool designs or to speak with someone to begin your pool installation, check out these local swimming pool contractors.

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