What is Hydroseeding?

If you have questions regarding hydroseeding, you can have them answered now.  Hydroseeding uses grass seed, fiber mulch, fertilizer and water to make a slurry, which is then applied to prepared soil to create a lawn. This landscaping trick creates a lawn faster than regular seeding and at only one quarter of the cost of sod.

Unlike other seeding methods, hydroseeding can be applied to large areas of ground quickly. If the landscape includes heavily sloped ground, hydroseeding can also create a ground cover without causing erosion during the seed application process.

The fiber mulch included in hydroseeding helps keep the seeds moist and accelerate germination. However, you are still bound by traditional planting times for grass if you want the best results when you add a lawn by hydroseeding. Once planted, grass should begin to grow within a week. You will also need a gardener for regular lawn care in only three to four weeks.

Some landscapers and gardeners dislike hydroseeding. Hydroseeding slurry is often dyed green, and it adheres to most surfaces. These characteristics of the hydroseeding slurry can affect other areas in your garden. Also, the types of grass available by hydroseeding are limited.

Keep in mind that hydroseeding was not originally used for landscaping. The grass seed slurry was developed so it could be applied to areas affected by erosion or fire. For this reason, it may be difficult to find hydroseeding companies in your area.

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