Aerating Your Lawn

When landscaping to improve the look or feel of your lawn, you might consider aerating it. The aeration process helps relieve soil compaction, which can stress the grass and make it more susceptible to weeds and disease. Incorporate aeration into your lawn maintenance routine by acquiring the proper tools and learning about the process or by requesting it from your landscapers and gardeners.

Lawn aeration is also known as core cultivation. For small areas, Clemson Cooperative Extension recommends that you use a sod-coring tool or make four-inch-deep holes in the lawn with a spading fork. Large areas should be aerated with a powered machine, which can be bought or rented from gardening and landscaping centers. You can then fill the holes with compost, if desired.

Colorado State University notes that you should aerate your lawn in the spring and fall, preferably a couple days after soaking it. If you purchase grass for landscaping, spread the seeds before you aerate the lawn or about one month after aerating. While waiting for the holes to close, you can focus on implementing other backyard landscaping ideas, such as planting landscaping shrubs or landscaping trees. Shrubs for landscaping may benefit from the aerated lawn, as aeration improves water penetration and fertilizer movement.

If your desert landscaping ideas involve aeration, keep in mind that holes in clay soil close quickly. You may need to fill them with a fine soil or use a top dressing. In any climate, aeration as part of your lawn care routine can certainly help improve the landscape and make plant care easier for the gardener.

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