Tips On Reading Your Home Inspection Report

When making a home purchase, you will want to have a quality home inspection performed. Though it may or may not be mandated by your particular county or state, having a valid home inspection performed by an experienced home inspector can save you thousands of dollars both in repairs and off the overall cost of your home. By following these tips, you can find a quality home inspector who will give you a home inspection report you can understand.

  1. When interviewing home inspectors for the job, ask them if they will be using a narrative, checklist, or computer software report. Try to stick with a home inspector who will give you a property inspection report in the narrative style. This will give you detailed information about the areas of concern for your new home, as opposed to a checklist.
  2. As you shop around for home inspectors, look for ones who will do reports on some of the standards of a home inspection. Example reports would include details on roofing, home and air conditioning, and the exterior of your home. Every home inspector should be offering these basic inspection services, according to the American Society of Home Inspectors.
  3. When using a narrative style for a home inspection format, some home inspectors will provide detailed explanations, letting you know how severe the particular concern is.

The following points explain some of the aspects of an inspection report:

A. Major Concern:
If the home inspector finds anything in your home that unsafe manner and in dire need of repair, it would be listed here. Conditions reported in this classification often require a significant expense.

B. Safety Issue:
This condition is unsafe and needs to be addressed immediately.

C. Repair:
A system or portion of the home that is listed here might be missing an essential functioning or structural piece.

D. Improve:
These are suggested areas of improvement but not required.

E. Monitor:
If a system or section of the home is listed here, the home inspector wants you to monitor the situation. Areas included in this category may include the home’s heating system and leaks.

By being mindful of the steps and points, you will be on the way to getting a quality home inspection report that you can read and act upon.  Click here when you want to contact a trustworthy home inspector.

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