Types of Senior Care Services

A wide variety of services can help with caring for an elderly loved one.

1.) One option many families find helpful is hiring a part-time nurse or care aide. Many families do not have the time to provide senior care during the day and find that a part-time nurse or aide can be the best option. Part-time help can also be used at night, if care from a family member is unavailable at that time.
2.) If part-time help is not enough, a live-in nurse or aide might be another option. Typically, live-in senior care providers are trained to administer medication, they know CPR, and they understand any conditions the elderly person may have.
3.) Nonmedical senior home care can be an option for families caring for an elderly person who does not require medical assistance on a regular basis. Nonmedical home care typically involves an aide coming to the home and assisting the elderly person with regular routines such as making breakfast and taking medication.

A variety of senior care services can help any family in need of additional help with a loved one.

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