What is Tendinitis?

When you feel pain in your elbow, heel, shoulder, or wrist, you may have developed tendinitis. This condition involves the inflammation of a tendon, and it can strike at any age. Only a podiatrist or other qualified doctor can properly diagnose tendinitis.


In younger people tendinitis, or tendonitis, usually comes from repetitive strain, overuse, or injury. Walkers, runners, basketball players, and other athletes fall under greater risk of tendinitis due to their activities. Older adults may develop this illness simply due to their age or due to certain diseases such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis.

Example Treatment
One of the most common forms of tendinitis is Achilles tendinitis. You should seek examination by a foot doctor if:
          * Your heel is swollen
          * You have pain in the back of your lower leg
          * You feel unusually stiff between the foot and calf

Depending on your condition, a doctor of podiatry may prescribe:

          * Medications to reduce inflammation and foot pain
          * Splints or immobilization devices to speed recovery
          * Orthotics to correct flat arches or improper postures
          * Physical therapy to strengthen muscles in the legs and feet
          * At-home exercises to stretch the Achilles tendon
          * Surgery, in rare cases, to remove the inflamed tissue
If you are not currently in pain, you should take steps to avoid damage. A foot clinic, with the help of a podiatrist, can recommend actions to reduce the impact of tendinitis.
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