When is it Time to See an Eye Doctor

Maintaining excellent vision is an important part of overall healthcare. You should see an optometrist for an eye exam at least once per year.  Also known as an eye doctor, he or she will perform a physical examination of your eyes and conduct tests to find out if your vision needs correction. Preventive eye care will avert costly issues that may be detrimental to your vision.

Symptoms of Eye Discomfort
Sometimes you may experience symptoms that necessitate a trip to the eye clinic. Changes in vision can stem from causes such as injury, illness or aging.  If you experience ongoing irritation, eye pressure, bleeding from the eyes, extended blurriness, or eye pain, you may have a serious physical problem. You should make an appointment at an eye doctor office as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Vision Problems
Vision problems can cause inconveniences in your daily life that should not be ignored. If you notice increased difficulty in reading or recognizing people, or if you continually bump into objects, there might be a physical reason. Eye glasses or contact lenses normally correct these problems. However, you might have a health condition such as glaucoma or diabetes-related issues. Physical damage may require a visit to an ophthalmologist, because an optometrist cannot perform surgery.

If you are experiencing any form of eye discomfort or vision loss, make an immediate appointment by contacting one of these optometrists near you.

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