Keeping a Funeral Service Affordable

Burying your loved one shouldn’t cost a fortune. However, the average cost of a funeral can easily reach $10,000. Below are some basic ways to keep spending in check when purchasing funeral services.

Skip Embalming

Outside of the United States and Canada, the dead are seldom embalmed. If your loved one will be buried within 24 to 48 hours, refrigeration until the memorial service is an excellent alternative. Embalming does not offer any benefit to the public health, so don’t be afraid to refuse this service, which can add thousands to your bill.

Reconsider Purchasing a Sealed Casket

Sealed caskets cost hundreds of dollars more than unsealed caskets, but they offer very little additional protection. Sealed caskets do not protect or better preserve the body, so skip this addition if you can.

Avoid Illegal Handling Fees and Provide Your Own Casket

Funeral homes may be reluctant to use a casket they do not sell you, but it’s illegal to refuse to do so. Funeral homes are also not allowed to charge a handling fee if you provide your own casket. Check online retailers and cemeteries for caskets at reasonable prices.

Interview Several Funeral Homes

Comparison shopping is a good way to make sure you’re being charged the fair market value for the services you receive. Try visiting several funeral homes and inquiring about cremation and memorial costs before signing up for any services.

Complete Some Tasks Yourself

Writing the obituary for a loved one or making your own memorial service programs are a great way to personalize the service while keeping costs low. Also, don’t be afraid to ask other family members to contribute flowers to the funeral to help trim costs.

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