Environmental Toxins that Decrease Fertility

Many women and men who are trying to conceive may not be aware of certain environmental toxins that can affect fertility. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, through in vitro insemination or are thinking about egg donation, here are a few toxins that are known to decrease fertility and should be avoided.

1.) Car exhaust and fumes are known to decrease ovarian weight and reduce ovulation due to a compound called benzopyrene.

2.) Pesticides found on fruits and vegetables can contribute to decreased fertility. In men, pesticides can reduce sperm count, and in women, they can cause a condition where the body will attack the egg or sperm.

3.) Cleaning products used around the home can also contribute to reduced fertility. For example, carpet cleaners and furniture cleaners both contain harmful chemicals.

4.) Certain brands of makeup may contain phthalates, which can cause a decrease in fertility. For people who wish to use cosmetics, looking on the list of ingredients can help determine whether the product contains these toxins.

There are a number of toxins in the air that can reduce fertility in both men and women. However, many of these toxins can be avoided by making simple changes to your lifestyle. Using natural products for cleaning and thoroughly washing food are both effective ways to reduce exposure to toxins.

For further questions or concerns about how you can best prevent infertility from environmental toxins, contact one of these fertility centers.

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