Common Fertility Supplements and Teas

Sometimes getting pregnant can be a difficult process. Fertility issues can be complicated, running the gamut from major medical issues to no specific physical problems. When you’ve tried without success to conceive, a few supplements and teas are available that may be of some help.

Red Clover
Red clover is good for regulating your menstrual cycle. The clover is taken as a tea over a period of several months before becoming effective. The increased regularity of your cycle can help you predict your most fertile periods of your cycle.

Agnus Cactus
In-vitro fertilization is a common medical treatment that may be offered at your fertility clinic. During this treatment, a fertilized egg, either your own or that given by egg donation, is implanted into your body for development. This can be an expensive process and finding appropriate egg donors may be difficult. If the reason you haven’t conceived is hormonal imbalances that prevent ovulation, the supplement agnus cactus may help. Agnus cactus is a fruit that not only helps with hormone regulation, but also helps women to ovulate.

Folic Acid and Zinc
If the issue is low sperm count, combining folic acid with zinc supplements can lead to a vast increase in sperm production in men. This increase can be helpful if you’re proceeding with insemination by the traditional method, or if you’re trying to build up a supply for an in-vitro insemination procedure.

While supplements and teas can’t solve all fertility issues, they can provide a boost when needed. Before taking any supplements or teas, consult with a doctor at a fertility clinic near you.

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