What to Expect From Your Eye Exam


Caring for your eyesight requires regular trips to the optometrist for eye exams to catch problems early. While an eye exam may seem a bit complicated due to the equipment, knowing what to expect beforehand can have you relaxed and ready to do whatever the doctor needs you to get you in and out of the exam chair and the eye clinic as quickly as possible.

The beginning of any exam starts with a conversation between you and the eye doctor about your medical history and any problems you may be having with your vision. Be as complete as possible with your answers. Any information you may give during the preexam screening could be helpful in solving any issues you might have.

After the question and answer phase, the physical exam begins. The doctor begins with light tests with a small penlight to examine the health of the outside of your eyes. Next, the doctor checks your visual acuity. This is the portion of the test where you read the charts while looking through a series of lenses. The doctor also checks for any signs of disease that may be causing vision issues.
With the vision checks finished, a final conversation follows about the results, and then prescriptions are made or further tests are scheduled. Optometry may be a complicated science, but a good optometrist will make sure that your trip to the eye doctor office is as simple and pain-free as possible.


So when you are ready to get your vision checked at an eye clinic, click here.

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