Dentist Schooling

Can you imagine going to school for eight plus years after high school? That is what your dentist had to do to get to where he or she is now!

After completing a bachelor’s degree, typically in science, an individual interested in becoming a dentist has to take the Dental Admission Test and receive high scores before applying to an accredited dental school. Once they have been accepted, they will study for approximately 4 years. Classes in dentist school include anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, clinical sciences, biology and dental techniques to list a few.

Before they graduate from dentist school, they have to take the National Board Dental Examination in order to become licensed. And once they have graduated, they are not done yet!

They usually have to do one or two years of residency, which is when they work alongside an established dentist at his or her licensed dental office to learn the tools of the trade first hand. If the individual wants to specialize in one type of dentistry, he or she has to continue on for more schooling which can vary between two and six more years.

When you visit your dentist next, mention your admiration for their continued schooling!

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